There is a formula for successfully delivering value-based patient care. Evidence-based quality care starts and ends with the patient. We are committed to translating real-world clinical data into actionable real-world evidence in support of first-class patient care.

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Delivering Actionable Insights that Redefine Population Health

Health Systems & Providers

Providing real-world analytics and clinical insights when and where you need them is a vital part of our mission. We supply you with all you need to fully invest your time and focus on the quality of care your patients receive.


Provider level daily summary report, giving insight into needs of each patient at the point of service.


Easily monitor and ensure the right care for the right patient at the right time.


Identify, enroll, engage, and track patients through care coordination programs supported by visit agendas, documentation, billing, and more.


Pinpoint clusters of risk in your community, where to deploy health resources, geographic prevalence of disease, physical presence mapping, and more.

There is a formula for delivering value-based care, and our clients are raving about the results they’ve seen.

Memorial Health System achieved SUCCESS in less than six months!

On-Demand Value-Based Healthcare


Elevating quality, reducing cost, and improving revenue through advanced clinical intelligence. Engage all aspects of value-based healthcare on-demand with powerful and simplistic convenience.

Care Gap Closure

The right care for the right patient at the right time.

Patient Risk Stratification

Focus on your patients who need you most.

Patient Engagement and Provider Insights

Proactively manage your value-based care.

Workflow Automation

Information at your fingertips in just a few clicks.

Supplemental Data

Maximize your value-based payor contracts.

Advanced Clinical Reporting

Enhance your practice with enriched reporting.


DignifiEngage Solutions


Only 8%-15% of patients in the U.S. receive all necessary preventative care.

Provide care gap closure to deliver the right care for the right patient at the right time.


The average Primary Care appointment allows only 4.0 minutes of patient talk time and 4.7 minutes of provider talk time.

Focus on patients who need it the most with flagged care gaps for each patient appointment.


Patient claims, as the primary source of data transfer to payors, do very little to communicate the needs of chronic illness patients.

Maximize your value-based payor contracts with actionable analytics and supplemental data feeds.


Healthcare costs continue to rise, with the average Diabetes patient costing more than $16,600 annually to Medicare.
Target your highest risk patients and implement programs to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations.


The healthcare industry lags most major industries in the ability to drive actionable data insights at the point of service.
Provide the necessary tools for enriched reporting to enhance your practice.