Performance Center​

Experience a heightened level of understanding and monitoring of your quality-based initiatives with Performance Center. This robust tool empowers healthcare organizations to gain invaluable insights, enabling them to track progress effectively. Whether you need to assess point-in-time performance or analyze trends over time, Performance Center equips you with the necessary capabilities.
Performance Center

Delve into your performance by drilling down into specific categories such as provider, specialty, payor, program, and more. Uncover opportunities for improvement and identify areas where performance can be enhanced. Performance Center serves as a comprehensive solution, allowing you to seamlessly integrate quality metrics into contracts, establish and monitor daily progress, track increases in quality performance, and compare results across various payors.


You can optimize financial incentives by leveraging Performance Center while delivering exceptional patient care. With Performance Center, you’re equipped to drive measurable improvements in performance and achieve unparalleled success in your healthcare endeavors.


Key Features

  • Visual representation of data and insights enables monitoring and assessment of performance levels, trend identification, and data-driven decision-making.
  • Complex data is presented in clear and concise visual elements, making detecting patterns and areas for improvement or concern easy.
  • Drill down into specific metrics to examine data at different levels, such as specialty, provider, or department.
  • Trend analysis aids in understanding the effectiveness and sustainability of efforts to improve quality and performance.

Used by:

Quality Departments

Population Health

Care Coordinators

Clinic Operations


ACO Executive Directors

Clinical Staff