ERM Payor Data Automation Software

Utilize our fully automated payor data software to harness the full potential of your EMR data. By relying solely on claims for communication with payors, you may be missing out on providing crucial visibility into results labs, vital signs, and other essential elements that play a significant role in accurately calculating HCC scores and control-rate metrics. With our advanced ERM payor data automation, achieving an effective value-based care model has never been easier!


DignifiHealth offers a hassle-free solution with no technical setup required and no upfront costs. Our ERM data software automates payor communications, maximizing HCC scores, increasing care gap closure rates, and gaining direct reimbursement for data sharing. With our monthly automation service, you can expect measurable improvements. Rest assured, while you focus on providing patient care, we’ll ensure that you receive credit for your efforts.


Key Features

  • Auto calculation and attachment of the proper CPTII quality codes.


  • From discrete data fields to full visit note text, make the most of payor data trapped in your EMR.


  • Data for aligned MA beneficiaries is automatically submitted to payors monthly.


  • Data from various sources seamlessly integrates and is analyzed without the need for manual manipulation.


  • Risk data sharing results in direct reimbursement.
  • Standardized data ensures consistency and compatibility, facilitating easy analysis and reporting.


  • Built-in validation checks guarantee data accuracy and quality.


  • Assess relevant payor data and financial opportunities based on your payor mix.


  • Secure data transmission protocols and appropriate access controls are employed to protect sensitive data.

Used by:


Clinically Integrated Networks

Hospitals/Health Systems

Provider Groups


3rd Party Care Coordination Companies