DignifiHealth offers chronic disease management software to effectively manage the health of patients with chronic conditions! We are redefining the status quo of pop health. Our value-based care software provides actionable clinical intelligence at the point of service to achieve high-quality, cost-efficient care by identifying the right care for the right patient at the right time.


Preventative Healthcare

On average less than 15% of needed preventative healthcare in the U.S. is fulfilled. Providers traditionally have inadequate digital tools to provide point-of-care insight and therefore actions.


Care Deserts

The federal government has designated nearly 80% of rural America as “medically underserved”, which represents 20% of the population, yet less than 10% of the U.S. doctors practice in those areas.


Clinical Decision Support

More than 61% of health systems lack a skilled workforce to fill knowledge communication gaps and address care gap closure issues. Point-of-care clinical insights provide improved quality of care, improved health outcomes, and better patient value.


Workflow Simplification

Nearly 68% of health systems lack seamless data integrations necessary to guide actionable insights that drive better care and performance.  Our software streamlines workflow to improve provider and patient experience.


Engage all aspects of value-based healthcare on-demand with powerful and simplistic convenience.

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Care Gap

Care Gap Closure

The right care for the right patient at the right time. ​
Patient Risk

Patient Risk Stratification​

Focus on your patients who need you most. ​
Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement and Provider Insights​

Proactively manage your value-based care.​

Workflow Automation​

Information is at your fingertips in just a few clicks.


Supplemental Data​

Maximize your value-based payor contracts.

Advanced Clinical Reporting​

Enhance your practice with enriched reporting.​

A holistic value-based care software solves your challenges.


Securely Connect
& Extract

Proprietary value-based care software connects to one or multiple EMRs, aggregating and normalizing at a high level with an Enterprise Master Patient Index.

Workflow Center


Guide daily patient engagement and actions with intelligent care workflows and “bite-size” reports. Proactively schedule high-risk patients, reschedule cancellations and no-shows, decrease Annual Wellness Visit denials, and more.

Care Management

Chronic Care Management

Our chronic disease management software allows monthly touchpoints with the highest-risk patients, better-controlling disease states, and decreasing costly and inconvenient utilization.


Geolocate Patient Populations

Pinpoint population health initiatives and deployments by combining the clinical data of your choice with geospatial analysis displayed on overlay maps.

Reach out to us today for more information about our chronic disease management software that can help you manage your patients and remedy care gap closure issues more effectively!