Success In Less Than Six Months


Memorial Health System Case Study

The Memorial Health System mission is to deliver quality, affordable care to the people and communities they serve. In collaboration with DignifiHealth’s innovative value-based healthcare solutions, Memorial Health System’s 300+ employed provider network achieved rapid results elevating quality, productivity, and ambulatory revenue.

“DignifiHealth has transformed the way we practice. We have seen marked increases in both our Quality Scores and Indicators as well as compliments from our payors.”

-Dr. Dan Breece, Chief Medical Officer

“DignifiHealth allows me to effortlessly maximize my patient encounters while also improving health, all without adding additional time to the visit.”

-Dr. Renee Caslow, Executive Director of Primary Care

“DignifiHealth is accomplishing the quadruple aim and we’ve seen the direct results of that. Lowered costs, increased outcomes, enhanced patient experiences, and increased access.”

-Luke Smith, VP of Clinic Operations