DignifiHealth Raises a $7M Seed Round, Scaling West Virginia Healthcare

Bridging best in class global healthcare tech with proprietary data and intelligence to meet underserved populations. 


(Williamson, W.Va.) Launched in 2020 by Co-founders, Dr. Dino Beckett, Richard Queen, and Randall Ussery in Williamson, West Virginia, after years of program development and beta pilots, DignifiHealth has bridged the best of Silicon Valley tech with on-the-ground, underserved community health needs. What began with analog community health programs from Williamson Health and Wellness Center, founded by Dr. Beckett, and years of administrative and health economics expertise from the core team in health systems in the region,


DignifiHealth has integrated world-class digital health technologies with its proprietary big-data intelligence platform to create a seamless experience for patients, employers, providers, and healthcare systems.


DignifiHealth’s range of products include Telehealth, Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM), Chronic Care Management (CCM), Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), and more, all integrated to deliver on-demand intelligence to providers and patients to prevent unnecessary acute care and reduce costs and complexity across the entire healthcare supply chain. 


Board Member Gregory Park, Managing Director of Huron Consulting Group, states, “I am extremely excited and deeply honored to be a part of the DignifiHealth journey, as we provide access to high quality healthcare and health insights to communities across the country, particularly and importantly, to people in unserved and underserved areas. Using real-world, person-to-person interactions derived from Dr. Beckett’s proven community care model, the DignifiHealth team has uniquely translated human-based workflows and processes into proprietary technology to seamlessly connect disparate healthcare point solutions in a holistic, smart, and broadly scalable fashion. By enabling consumers and the healthcare ecosystem to improve overall health and well-being, we expect DignifiHealth to have a significant and positive social impact, while playing an integral role in lifting up each of our communities.


“We have one clear mandate – to drive healthy outcomes for an oftentimes under-served community population, leveraging data and intelligence, best-in-class software, and medical professionals on the ground. While we have seen technology improve over the years, we have never seen it contextualized or integrated in the appropriate manner to solve for our needs on the ground,” says Dr. Beckett, Co-founder, Advisory Chief Medical Officer, and Board Member. “It is a human right to have access to best-in-class healthcare and what began as a local crusade can now be delivered at scale.”


“With a vision toward the democratization of healthcare, DignifiHealth is driven to offer a more holistic approach to a siloed industry, which in turn lends itself to better experiences for burned-out providers, better outcomes for struggling patients, and true value through lower costs for all healthcare stakeholders,” says Richard Queen, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer. “We do this with actionable data. Being a prior CFO of a large physician group, I have experienced firsthand the struggles and crushing administrative burden of trying to find success in today’s value-based healthcare. We are in an industry overrun with data, but we are also an industry that’s been lacking in actionable information. We need to see our data work for us in meaningful ways to improve personal health management.” 


“When I first met Dr. Beckett and heard what he was doing for his local region in an analog way and having significant impact, I knew we could leverage the right tech, business model, proprietary data, and intelligence to scale nationally and globally,” says Randall Ussery, Co-founder and Board Member of DignifiHealth, and Managing Partner of L37 Ventures, based in Silicon Valley and Nashville. “We knew it would not be an overnight startup success and have been capital efficient and deliberate over the last few years to assemble the best team and tech to tackle this very large problem. This isn’t a disruptive play. It is a transformative one to bridge to a new 21st century blended community healthcare model, one that serves all healthcare stakeholders, improves lives and fundamentally shifts the economics in healthcare to drive a sustainable future.” 


Traci Quillen, VP of Business Development, says, “In my 18 years of healthcare experience, I have seen firsthand how the silos and breakdown in the cycle of healthcare can impact the long-term health of patient populations. When I was provided with the opportunity to become part of the DignifiHealth solution, it was that “light bulb” moment that provided answers to the questions I have been asking my entire career. Why couldn’t we provide better care and improve lives in a more seamless and predictable means?”


The $7 million, raised from multiple investors, including from leading healthcare executives and professionals, will be deployed to hire key team members, scale onboarding of clients, and deliver excellent customer service, expanding the community health offering throughout the region and nationally.”


About DignifiHealth:

DignifiHealth was established to bring community healthcare into the 21st century and provide better care to patients globally. Data and tech have taught us that we can move away from legacy models and provide quality healthcare at affordable pricing, anywhere and anytime, and place patients at the center of their own personal health management. For more information, please visit www.dignifihealth.com


About L37 Ventures:

L37 is a new generation, hybrid venture capital and private equity company that invests in visionary founders and companies that are transforming industries and regions and solving ubiquitous problems. L37 works alongside founding teams, leveraging frameworks for scale and a network of trusted relationships with customers, capital, and talent to design new categories and engineer market-first, globally-minded companies. For more information, please visit www.L37.vc