DignifiEngage: The Leading Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS)

Imagine data, analytics, and healthcare intelligence organized so clearly that you are empowered to make a meaningful impact. From the organizational level to the patient level, DignifiEngage is a clinical decision support system that translates population health data into action.




DignifiEngage is a clinical decision support platform that provides real-time, actionable insights to help you deliver first-class patient care and maximize financial performance. Integrated seamlessly into your EMR, DignifiEngage extracts, aggregates, and enriches EMR data to simplify daily workflows and organize healthcare analytics. With our clinical decision support system, DignifiEngage, we combine clinical data sources with known requirements to calculate real-time point-of-service insights — so providers can easily see where they can have the most impact.


Key Features

  • Quick to implement, easy to adopt, and EMR-agnostic.
  • Track and Organize Real-time EMR healthcare analytics simply and clearly, allowing providers to make quick and effective care decisions, no super users required.
  • Reduce burden on provider workflow. In fact, they don’t have to log in.
  • Help providers easily identify and address care gaps and chronic conditions without disruption.
  • Return provider-to-patient face time during appointments.
  • Improve outcomes, Star Ratings, and ultimately, incentives and reimbursement
  • Facilitate daily, high-impact low-effort gains.
  • Improve strategy and execution without relying on lagging and incomplete, claims-based data.
  • Deliver advanced clinical reporting with click-of-a-button export capability.

Used by:

Quality Departments

Population Health

Care Coordinators

Clinic Operations

ACO Executive Directors

Clinical Staff

Revenue Cycle

Registration & Scheduling



  • Proactive preventative and managed care drives collaboration and leads to better patient outcomes.


  • Increased professional services revenue.


  • Improved value-based care incentive reimbursement.


  • Increased HCC risk scoring.


  • Day-one efficiencies remove costly, manual, downstream cleanup work with simple, daily process automation.


  • Automated text/email campaigns to high-risk patient cohorts improve patient engagement and help close care gaps.


  • Improved adoption of value-based care delivery via streamlined processes and clear presentation of actionable data.


  • Improved data visibility for patient risk profiles.


  • Better control of chronic diseases in high-risk patient populations.


  • Providers can easily manage chronic conditions and close care gaps, reducing inpatient and emergency services.