How do you close care gaps in real-time?How do you maximize incentives and reimbursements in your value-based care initiatives?How do you increase incentives and reimbursements without hiring staff?How do you simultaneously improve provider workflow and close care gaps?How do you use your EMR data to improve care and maximize financial performance?How do you drive value-based care results and reduce costs?

The all-in-one population health management platform designed to optimize patient outcomes and maximize financial performance.

Your population health management software shows you the problems. Ours helps you solve them.

DignifiHealth’s all-in-one platform goes beyond population health to address the most pressing challenges facing providers today. Quick to implement, easy to adopt, and EMR-agnostic, our platform offers actionable insights in real-time to improve quality outcomes and increase provider incentives and reimbursements.

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The All-in-One Population Health Platform ​

Any population health platform can identify gaps in care. DignifiHealth helps you close them WITHOUT DISRUPTION. Quick to implement, easy to adopt, and EMR-agnostic, DignifiHealth seamlessly connects to your existing EMR(s).Get actionable insights in real-time to optimize quality outcomes. DignifiHealth implementation is zero lift for your IT teams and happens within 90 days. Make an impact and maximize financial performance with the population health management platform that delivers results.

Seamlessly integrate our value-based care solutions with your EMR

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Lincoln Health is a managed services organization supporting providers and their patients through access to value-based payment models, leading population health technology, and care coordination.

The Optum in-office assessment program is a provider-first model of collaboration, data and technology to help providers reach better outcomes. The program includes regular touchpoints, in-office training, and administrative support.